What Makes Us In Top 10 MBA Colleges In Indore


Being in top 10 MBA colleges in Indore, is what most of the MBA colleges claim and not just indore, the USP of TOP 10 Management colleges is in every city even across India. India hosts around three thousand educational institutes that management education and most of these claim to be amonth top 10 Managament colleges in their city. Whereas the fact ies that only a few Management colleges or Business schools be able to cut through the clutter and rank up high in the chart of top 10 management colleges or to identify as 'top B-Schools', it is necessary that one understands the key parameters can boast of imparting education of excellent quality, churn out leaders, and hence are worth joining such management colleges. To be used to evaluate and differentiate between Management Colleges or the B-Schools one can arrive at a consideration set of Management Colleges that they can apply to.

a)    Quality of students- The quality of the selection process adopted by the institute gives one an idea about the quality of the students it admits.
b)    Qualities of faculty- Most top B-Schools have a judicious mix of full- and part-time faculty members. The full-time faculty team provides the continuity and monitoring that is needed over the two-year period, apart from providing any handholding required by students. The part-time faculty team gives students the much-needed external exposure, especially in terms of contacts with industry and access to real time projects.
c)    Placements- A large number of management institutes boasts of a 100 per cent placement record. With management institutes mushrooming all over the country, these claims should not be taken at face value, and should be scrutinized closely.
d)    Programmes offered by institutes- There are two major types of programmes: (1) General Management Programme (GMP) and (2) Sectoral Programme.
A General Management Programme gives a student the flexibility to join any sector and thus offers maximum diversification and placement opportunities as opposed to a Specialization-based Programme.

However it is also true that the really good performers from the schools in the lower categories may bag the best of placements from their campuses and make the most of their MBA stint. Moreover, Pioneer institute of professional Studies provides above key Parameters that make a the Management College among the Top 10 Management colleges in Indore and categorized their students to as a best employee in the country.

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