CSR in best B school of Indore


National service scheme was introduced on 1969-70. The main aim of the scheme is to make education more realistic and society oriented. The scheme was established for implementation at UG& PG level and was launched through 38 Universities as an experiment.

Main motto of NSS is "not me, but you". This shows that motto of NSS is nothing but social service. It asks the members to work for humanity and consider our fellow beings. The important objective of National Service Scheme is personality development through service. This programme is to induce the social welfare thoughts in the students, and to provide service to the beloved society without any expectations. NSS volunteers work round the clock to ensure that every one in our society who are suffering gets the every possible service from them so that they can also enhance their mind and lead a life of dignity and pride in the society. In doing so the volunteers themselves learn a lot from ordinary people in villages like how to struggle and how to lead a happy life in the extreme scarcity and sufferings.

Most of the educational institutions like schools and collages has NSS units comprising volunteers. A unit consist of 100 students for every 400 students in College. They are managed internally by the respective institution which reports their activities to the regional NSS coordinator. As a part of their intensive working, NSS organize numerous camps in various part of the country. Volunteers may be involved in various activities like
cleaning, afforestation, etc. Tools processions and stage shows are used to create social awareness regarding various issues. In the case of medical camps, doctors are invited for efficient working. Volunteers can present their ideas in the camps and plan activities. So NSS is a venue for expression of ideas. Whatever be the tools, service of NSS is reached among the society. Duration of the camps varies from few days to few weeks.

Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, one of the Best Business School in Indore has its Self-Financed Unit of National Service Scheme (NSS), and students work round the year under the banner to serve society and thereby for their individual development.

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