What Business Needs from Top Business Schools


Six Principles for B-schools Program Reform   

Business Schools needs more courses in the “people skills” that are vital to managing effectively. Emphasize the basic skills and tools needed for problem solving. Provide strong grounding in theories of economics, measurement, governance, psychology, human behavior, and leadership.

The Top Business Schools should have a curricula that students can learn by doing to apply multiple disciplines on the job. Encourage students to take electives outside the traditional core curriculum with business school moulding the students for the real corporate world.

Create differentiated curricula and allow students to concentrate in specific industries.   

Six Reforms
Students, schools, and businesses - as well as governments and the general public - would be better served if graduate business schools began to implement change in six areas as well as best colleges and best business schools in Indore.

  1. First, business schools should require more courses in communication, leadership, human resources, psychology, and other fields that provide graduates with skills vital to effectively managing people and team-driven organizations.
  2. Second, business schools should introduce and emphasize courses that offer the basic skills and tools needed in problem solving.
  3. Third, more and better grounding in theory theories of economics, measurement, governance, psychology, human behavior, and leadership.
  4. Fourth, schools should make changes in their curricula so that students can integrate their learning and apply multiple disciplines on the job.
  5. Fifth, schools should encourage students to take full advantage of courses outside the traditional core curriculum.
  6. Sixth, and perhaps most critically, schools should commit themselves to re-creating differentiation in their curricula.

By working with employers, top business schools can redouble their efforts to meet employer needs. The best business schools in Indore always focus on the needs of the corporates from the business schools and management colleges in Indore. This change in approach will not pay off for the business schools in the short term, because it won’t immediately attract more students. The best management colleges or the top business schools in Indre are deploying this strategy for a sustained and long term benefit for both students and to attain top reputation of the business schools in Indore even on national level.


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Ms. Avani trivedi
Assistant Professor
Pioneer Institute, Indore

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